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In what manner does satellite radio function? To have a good understanding of the working mechanism of satellite radio, it is imperative that you have a prior understanding of the working mechanism of analog radios. Basically, Analog radio functions by transmitting the frequency of the radio to the local transmitters which the transmitter consequently transmits to the listener. The working mechanism of satellite radio is similar in nature to that of analog radios, the only difference being the usage of fixed transmitters which have a limited broadcasting range in analog radios, satellite radio on the other hand makes use of mobile satellites to transmit. Satellites are basically devices that move round the earth, and satellites have the ability to pick up signals and transmit them to different parts of the world rather than just a limited area. A satellite usually reflects the frequency of the radio transmission away from the satellite to the multitude of people who listen to satellite radios around the globe. Consequently, this has led to massive development of the satellite radio business and has also ensured that satellite radio has become a prominent source of media to millions of people daily. With this explanation, you have gotten better understanding of the way satellite radio functions. Any individual who wishes to use satellite radio will need to buy satellite radio equipment, a stationary or mobile device. These devices can be bought from any satellite radio service provider offering the best deal. Once the individual has subscribed and got connected to a provider’s service, the purchased device will be encoded by the service provider into a string of devices which have been programmed to receive a precise radio broadcasts from particular satellites. The registration or encryption into the database consequently transmit signals to the device, the satellite frequencies is consequently decrypted by the device  and the user of the satellite radio is now able to hear or received a clear audio. This clarifies the working mechanism of satellite radios Various service providers might employ different marketing strategies to increase their customer base, with claims of providing a better service against their competitor. And whether this claim is true or not, when you want to choose a service provider, the only factor that should be taken into consideration are the restrictions which a provider’s data base has imposed on a satellite radio as well as the filter or programs being used by the service provider to restrict the access of their subscribers to the feed of the satellite radio. It is common for service providers to have distinct programming or features which only the database and the servers they use for transmitting their satellite radio feed is solely in control of. It is very rare for you to see a service provider that will explain how satellite radio works to the subscribers. When a subscriber to a satellite radio’s feed defaults in paying the subscription, same way it’s applicable to other services these days, such subscriber’s service provider might transmit a sign to the device, stopping its ability to decrypt the transmissions of the satellite radio. Many past technologies have make use of satellites to expand the scope of their services even before radio technology, for instance, telecommunications technology using mobile phones.  The working/ functional principle each of these services is fairly similar, as a matter of fact, an individual who makes use of a device like mobile phone or satellite radio to make a request for transmission using the database of a service provider, once the payment for subscription has been made, the user is allowed to get transmission from the satellite, hence we have radio devices encrypted for satellites. I believe I have been able to clarify the working mechanism of satellite radios

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